An introduction

Dear Reader,

Just between you and me, I probably didn’t need to build this little space on the Internet. I could have, and probably should have, stayed at the website I’ve had for years, the one conveniently named after me so everyone knows where to find it. But I built this new website anyway.

Reason 1:

I needed a new space for a new chapter. My old life was nice and I liked it a lot, but I’m trying to slowly-but-surely build a new life, and sometimes it’s hard to do that in an old place—whether that place is literal and figurative. Since I don’t plan on moving in the very near future, I figured a new home on the Internet would be the next best thing.

Reason 2:

I really like the idea of Running the Slant as a way to live everyday life. And maybe it won’t resonate with you or your friends or your great aunt Glenda, but maybe it will. And if that’s true, I want to give you an idea to get behind—something you can take and run with in your own life—rather than a person to get behind. I wanted to account for that by giving this space its own name, not my name.

At any rate, here we are. And while I can’t tell you exactly what to expect in the future, I hope whenever you stop by, you feel at home. I hope you feel like this is a place where you can just be you because I’ll be here just being me—a little bit regular, a little bit radical. 1000% honest.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today. I’m really glad you’re here.

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