Good Things: A tiny seasonal magazine!

It only took three years to get to this inauspicious moment.

Can. you. believe it?!

Of course you can, because three years is approximately how long it takes me to make most decisions.

Here’s the TLDR on Good Things: As a lifelong magazine hoarder (with the boxes of old issues to prove it), I’ve always wanted to make one. So I did! Good Things, the list of links that lives at the bottom of most posts, grew and became a happy little magazine filled with links and stories and pictures about the good things that have happened this winter.

You can read it online here or download the PDF here!

Note: This is not a new side hustle or revenue stream or career path. It isn’t perfect. There may be typos (GASP). But as someone who sits on things for far too long, I wanted to finally release this out into the world, just because.

I hope it makes you smile.

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  • This was a really nice way to start my (mid) morning 🙂 What you put together is lovely! And I now have lots of tabs open from clicking on the recipe and product links to look through 🙂

    • Aw, I’m so glad! Thanks so much for your encouragement, Karen—and let me know what you think of any recipes you try! Love following along with you on Instagram!

    • Lee Ann! I miss you, friend. And hope to visit you in Colorado someday 🙂 Hope all is going very well for you! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts!

  • Now that it’s basically summer, was there a spring Good Things magazine that I missed?

    • Um, yes. Everyone else has been pouring over it for weeks. It made a Magazines No One Has Ever Heard Of bestsellers list and you’re the only one who missed it. Geez, LUKE.

      (But actually I’ve been waiting for this comment (from you, specifically). The next Good Things will be out on Wednesday 🙂 Which is still spring! Technically!)