I might be in a Hallmark movie (and other Christmas things)

Guys. I’m pretty sure I’m in a Hallmark Christmas movie right now.

Last week I was taken out by a runaway dinner table. This actually happened. The guy who was rolling the table to a truck lost control and before I could even see it coming, I hit the ground like a cartoon character—limbs flailing, shoes flying off—and landed on some sort of garden planter. I was totally fine, minus some festive bruising that will likely stick around long enough for us to ring in the new year together.

THEN, a few days later, Olive was running around outside with two other dogs and plowed into me at full speed from behind. Cue: cartoon crash landing #2. Again, I was totally fine, except for moving around like I was attached to an invisible backboard and feeling a tiny bit dazed and confused for a day or two.

So now it’s clear that I’m in a Hallmark Christmas movie called Swept Off Her Feet. In the next scene, I’ll be spreading cheer among the local townsfolk at our annual Christmas Eve gathering, only to be taken out by a falling Christmas tree. I’ll need to sign waivers to say I won’t sue Smiths Tree Farm, the supplier of the tree, and they’ll send their son to get me to sign the papers—he’s a former big city lawyer who moved back home to help save his family’s tree farm. And in the twinkling lights of the fallen Christmas tree and the foggy glow of a mild concussion, we’ll fall in love on Christmas Eve.

Right? Isn’t that how this works?

In other news, I haven’t done much writing lately. This is not a shame spiral; this is just a fact. Like most writers/people, my brain needs space to have thoughts and I’ve recently traded that space for good things like weddings and houseguests and Christmas and baking. So even though I can’t offer you much in the way of original thoughts (aside from that winning Hallmark pitch, obviously), I still wanted to pop in and say hello and share a handful of wonderful things that have been go-to resources lately. Surprising to no one, most of them are food-based.

Things that could make your life nicer:

Incredibly Crisp Gingersnaps: I’ve made these cookies at least three times this month. I’ve also burned a batch at least three times this month. So maybe keep a closer eye on yours; they go from baked to burnt in about a minute or so. If you want to feel like you’re really good at life, keep the chilled dough in your fridge and pop a dozen or so in the oven whenever you want/need fresh cookies. Bonus: your house will smell amazing.

Brown Sugar Shortbread: If you need a party dish that requires almost no effort whatsoever, look no further. There are three ingredients: brown sugar, butter, and flour. I dusted mine with powdered sugar, because Christmas.

No Knead Bread: This falls in the same category of Almost No Effort. All you have to do is wait 12-to-18 hours. (If you’re bad at planning in advance because it’s December and your brain already has enough to do, you can speed it up to 6-to-8 hours if you need to. Just use instant/fast-rise yeast, warm water, and let it sit in a warmer location.)

SALAD?!: Remember salad? Probably not, because who has time for greens with so many opportunities to party with sugar and carbs? Not me. But last night I rallied all of the odds and ends in the fridge to make a big salad for dinner and I’m pretty sure I heard my body applaud wildly. Sorry, health. I’ll be a better friend to you in January.

Quinoa Crust Quiche: If you are hosting a bunch of people (or even just your regular family people) and need a simple breakfast that will start your day on a healthier note, this is the one. Also, this recipe is from my friend Nan’s website and you should probably take a look around and subscribe for similarly healthy-but-delicious-and-very-doable recipes (with the added bonus of witty commentary from Nan).

The Great British Baking Show, Masterclass: People. There is a Christmas episode of every season of Masterclass! This is a true story! Something about watching Paul and Mary bake in a cozy kitchen decorated for Christmas makes everything better, and you actually learn things in the process! It’s a Christmas miracle. I’m planning on making this pavlova wreath from Season 3 at some point over the next few weeks.

The Family Stone: Are there other Christmas movies?

That’s my list, dear reader. What’s on yours? And does anyone have a favorite spicy soup recipe? Or just favorite soup recipes in general? I’m on the hunt for new contenders.

Also, if we don’t talk before next Tuesday, Merry Christmas!!! I hope your day is filled with pavlova wreaths and gingersnaps, or any other combination of wonderful things that sound good to you 🙂

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