On going to Green Bay, but also money

It’s July 18th. In about a week, the Packers will kick off training camp with a free, four-day party to celebrate their 100th season. I’ve known that I’ve wanted to go since I first heard about it months ago. And since that time, I’ve decided to go and decided not to go about a hundred different times. This is because 1) I’m great at second-guessing decisions I’ve already sort-of made and 2) Money.

This is mostly about money.

It’s not like I’d be using my last two dollars to go on this trip. But it is like I’m a less-than-full-time freelancer right now. And as such, it’s always wiser to save the two dollars you have when you actually have it instead of spending it.

Responsible Me (who is sometimes suspiciously identical to What Would People Approve Of? Me) thinks it would be a good idea to take the funds I’ve allocated for this trip and put them into savings. Quarterly taxes will be due again in September and who knows what unexpected expenses will come up between now and then.

Hinterland Me is dying a little bit inside, because how are we still having this conversation 10 months in?

There were lots of reasons why I decided it was a good idea to leave my full-time job and take some time to recalibrate before starting a new job, but a significant one was wanting to loosen my grip on everything—money included. I’ve never been overly concerned with having money or making money (which is probably why I’ve never had a lot of it), but I wanted to run a slant on what it means to earn money and use it wisely.

What it has meant so far is mostly panic, with occasional trust thrown in for good measure.

The panic part is the one I’m most interested in rewiring. It’s not who I want to be in general, but even more so, it’s not the type of faith I want to have. From what I know about Jesus, I don’t think He’d be prone to panicking about money (or anything else, really). I don’t know for sure, but if I had to guess, I think His money management style would be:

  1. Pay what you owe
  2. Be wise with what you have
  3. Give away more than you think you can afford
  4. Don’t worry about the rest, because money is kind of a trap anyway

So I’m going to Green Bay—and not because I think God is telling me to go or because He is specifically “providing” for me to go. I don’t know exactly What Jesus Would Do in this situation, but I do know that I never want to place a higher value on accumulating money than on living my actual life.

I can always do more work and make more money. I can’t always go to Green Bay to celebrate the Packers’ 100th anniversary and get out of the northeast for the first time in nearly a year (I can’t even) and have a much-needed adventure with a great friend along for the ride and, priorities, eat my weight in fried cheese curds.

Allllll of that > Money, a million times over.

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