On Good Things: February 2019 Edition

February? When was February?

I know it’s cliche to say that a month flew by, but this one actually did. I would say something more profound about that but I’m going to level with you guys: it’s 5pm on Friday night and I’m very ready for a weekend. Are you very ready for a weekend? I feel like a lot of people are right now. So let’s all dive into weekend freedom together with this list of joyful things that happened in February.

Good Things: February 2019 Edition

This post from Tsh Oxenreider is filled with so many good thoughts. As she prefaces, there’s a thread of coherent thought that runs across five different topics; they’re all interconnected in a way. Preview: there’s only so much to go around … and it’s probably more than you actually need.

Winner in both the “Brought Most Joy” and “Writer Envy” categories is this gift from longtime favorite Tyler Huckabee which ranks Carmen’s most-Carmen music videos. As a refresher, Carmen was the 80s/90s Christian mega star known for his stellar suits and gripping musical dramas such as “R.I.O.T.” (Righteous Invasion Of Truth, obviously).

Last month I put out an all-call for new soup recipes … to which no one responded. (Thanks, you guys.) But Bri McKoy came through with a white chicken chili recipe that is easy and good and generally healthy. I’ve made it twice this month. Official keeper. (You guys are keepers, too.)

There’s nothing quite like a solid kitchen victory, especially when it’s bread-related. These Hawaiian Sweet Rolls are phenomenal—AND brought to us by the same lady who brought us No Knead Bread! Jo, you are a legend.

Best moment of the Grammy’s: This hauntingly beautiful performance from Brandi Carlile.

Best moment of the Oscar’s: This speech that made everyone want to be Olivia Coleman’s best friend.

Can we spend a moment on things that weren’t good? Because I’m remembering that the Super Bowl was in February, and I think we can all agree that it was the actual worst. Although it did signal the annual release of a new NFL Bad Lip Reading. Always a highlight.

I already loved Michelle Obama quite a lot, but reading Becoming made me love her even more. What a gem.

This wall made me very excited for the spring issue of The Magnolia Journal and it did not disappoint. So much so that I decided to become a subscriber! While yes, I do have a magazine subscription problem, I’m happy to add this one (back) to the list. It’s become even more beautiful since the first run a few years back. Tangentially related: this video of the spring install at Magnolia Market. Do I need to go to Waco? I think yes.

Yesterday I was throwing on clothes before a meeting and realized I had shrunk a brand new shirt in the wash—like, a lot. This is why I can’t have nice things. I put them in the dryer with all of my other regular things and they turn into doll clothes. I was so sad about this self-imposed disaster that Jenny decided to scour the internet for ways to un-shrink clothing AND FOUND ONE THAT WORKED! I left the house dejected and returned home to a regularly-sized shirt, all thanks to the magic of conditioner (???) and Jenny (!!!).

Ok, people. Let’s do this. Happy weekend!!! And happy March!

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