On Good Things: January 2019 Edition

It might be two days past January and I might not do a post like this every month, but the beauty of having your own space on the internet is that you get to make the rules. So for this month and possibly no other, welcome to a tiny post celebrating good things!

Listen. I almost didn’t write this week. I started a couple of posts that were mostly terrible and reasoned that it’s not like I have to write here once a week in 2019. There are no laws about this. I was bound to miss a week eventually.

But you know what? I don’t want to miss a week! I want to keep the dream alive, you guys. It’s a small, sort of dull dream, kind of like drinking more water or going to bed on time, but it’s a dream all the same. And bonus: because I still don’t have anything deeply meaningful to say, we’re going to celebrate a few good things that happened in January. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Hold the phone. I’m now remembering that we did this in December, too. So apparently this is a series! And a reason for me to start taking gingko biloba.

Good Things: January 2019 Edition

Jenny and I finished Parks and Rec (Real Life Ben Wyatt, where are you?) and started The Good Place. And by started, I mean we’re almost all the way through. Whoops. Honorable Mention goes to Kim’s Convenience, which I’ve been watching here and there and thoroughly enjoying.

If you are a person who needs color in your life, especially in particularly gray stretches (pre-snow winter, I’m looking at you), may I recommend Blue Planet II? If the colors aren’t enough to entice you, there is a thrilling sequence when an octopus covers herself in shells to avoid being found by a shark.

I’m just hearing how that sounds, but I’m serious! It really is thrilling!

Moving on. I think I’ve firmly settled on making some form of easily reheatable breakfast on Sunday/Monday for the rest of the week. Granola and baked oatmeal (minus most of the sugar, plus a banana(s)) were two solid staples so far. Tomorrow I’m making Nan’s quinoa crust quiche.

There were a handful of things I wanted to do in January (like yoga! that was another good thing) and making cinnamon rolls was one of them. This was a fantastic idea and I highly recommend it.

Andrea wrote a blog post I’ve read a dozen times. If you do one thing listed here, read this at least once.

I felt very at home with John O’Donohue and his poem about interim times.

If Monday comes and you find yourself lacking inspiration, this video should do the trick.

Last, because it’s getting late and I’m going to go make nachos for dinner, I made this Pinterest board to collect little bits of beauty. It makes me so happy.

Here’s to small goals and cinnamon rolls and January and all of you 🙂

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