See you in January!

We are nearly two weeks into December, which means it’s probably a little late to tell you that I’m taking the month off.

But it’s a true story! December always flies by, and aside from that, I need a few weeks to think through and write through this year in an off-line way.

We’ll resume our regularly scheduled programming here in January. Until then, here are a handful of good things that I hope make your holiday season a little more magical.

Good Things

Just because it bears repeating, these incredibly crisp gingersnaps are still the easiest and best. They’re perfect for all the parties.

This sausage and white bean ragu is the most comforting meal I made all year—and, bonus, it takes basically no time at all. (P.S. the reviewers are right—3 tsp is way too much salt. Start with 1/2 tsp and go from there. I also only do one can of beans, add a can full of water, and let the whole thing simmer for 45 min or so.)

I’m almost never on YouTube, but I’ve become a frequent workday user after stumbling on these Christmas background scenes. For year round use, Calmed by Nature seems to have this whole lovely background situation on lockdown.

This Sugared Birch candle from the Magnolia line at Target.

Two short but lovely weeks of Making It on NBC.

The Family Stone, always.

The very friendly train conductor who just came through to collect tickets—and the kind passenger behind me who told him, “You know, I really appreciate your enthusiasm.” Kindness for the win.

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