Small comforts for election week

It’s election week, friends. Cue: Kermit the Frog frantically waving his arms in panic.

Personally, I’ve been anxious about this week since, like, January 2nd. So I am doubling down on every comfort I can think of. Please join me! Here are some Good Things I’ll be employing to survive the next week or so.

Good Things: Election Edition

Let’s start with food, because we all know that comfort starts with food. I highly recommend two breakfast options: 1. A super easy quiche made with puff pastry (bake the pastry for 10ish min at 425) and an egg mixture (a bunch of eggs + some milk and seasonings + whatever vegetables you have + topped with all the cheese, baked at 350 for another 20ish min) and 2. Oatmeal! Pro tip from my friend Lindsey: toast your oats in a little brown butter before simmering in milk. Makes all the difference. Cinnamon apples make a great topping for this sort of situation.

For lunch, it’ll either be leftovers or a bunch of roasted vegetables + a grain of some sort + chipotle hummus and/or maple tahini dressing (this dressing with maple syrup instead of honey and a teaspoon or two of tahini).

Dinner! The best part. Pairing some frozen ricotta gnocchi with a homemade bolognese one night. Trying this butternut and green curry soup (and bread! of course!) another night. It’ll be chicken pot pie and chocolate chip cookies on election night, because comfort and, hopefully, joy.

Related side note: this tea is delightful and perfect for fall. Mostly unrelated: for Harrisburg people, the Mad Elf cheese collaboration between Troeg’s and Caputo Brothers is so so good. Stock up at Giant from now until January.

In non-food coping strategies, I’ll be reading Bread & Wine and The Chemistry of Calm. And my love for Feedly has been rekindled so there will probably be some blog reading in the mix, too. (Pinch of Yum, Young House Love, and Modern Mrs. Darcy, among many others.)

Podcast-wise, I have some catching up to do on Home Cooking and The Popcast. Music-wise, it’s the ideal week (and year) to jump into Christmas music as early as possible. I plan to start with this Penny and Sparrow album from four years ago that I never knew existed.

I’m hoping to try a few episodes of Kelly Corrigan’s new show on PBS, Tell Me More, and may keep working through this fall movie list from Kelle Hampton. I’ll be crossing my fingers for a better Packers game on Thursday than the one yesterday and eagerly awaiting the next episode of The Great British Baking Show to usher in the weekend.

I’ll be living in these sweatpants from Alternative Apparel (for the foreseeable future, not just during election week) and likely shopping for some candles from Wax Buffalo and/or Calicutts.

Lastly: I’m here for hygge’s bohemian cousin friluftsliv, for every fall background on Calmed by Nature, and for this reminder that there’s no such thing as quality time.

Ok, here we go! Be safe out there. Keep your humor and your wits about you. And let’s meet up back here again sometime soon 🙂

P.S. One small election note: If you are still undecided on who you’ll vote for, would you consider voting for kindness?

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